Thrift Haul Tuesday #1

Yesterday was 50% off clothing day at Value Village. I despite needing new clothes can’t STAND dealing with the other shoppers, so I tend to avoid the clothing completely and focus on everything else in the store.

There is always a lot less “professional flippers” on sale days, so that means good picking for the rest of us!

I still didn’t buy much. We’re running out of room at home, and if it’s not going to be a quick sale I don’t bother purchasing for resale anymore. However, I found the most beautiful wood sculpture for $12.99.

It is carved out of a solid piece of wood, it weighs almost 30 pounds (ca. 14 kg), and is about 36″ tall. There is an inscribed name on the bottom, as well as an out of service phone number (I checked!). By the area code it would have been carved sooner than 1993. The artist appears to have passed away in 2011 and I can’t find any other examples of his art. The craftsmanship is absolutely amazing, and the eyes are actually reflective. It’s kind of creepy, but it brings me great joy. I had planned on using him as a stand for my jade plant in the bathroom, but I think I’ll keep him out where I can see him for a while longer.

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