Stuffed Rainbow Trout

A Farmboy grocery store opened up near us recently, and I’m in love. They don’t have a huge selection of things, but what they do carry is excellent. I’m really impressed with their choice of gluten-free goods from small GF bakeries from around the province!!

Their fish is really nice, and when I saw two decently sized rainbow trouts for around $9 I couldn’t pass them up, it was almost two and a half pounds of fish.

I really enjoy rainbow trout. It’s probably one of my favourite fishes (after perch of course), I find it much lighter tasting than salmon, and it’s so easy to prepare.

If you are weirded out by eating fish with the head on, don’t be! Some of the tastiest meat is in the head, and fish eyeballs are delicious!


Stuffed Rainbow Trout

you can use this recipe with pretty much any whole fish. If you don't like the heads, ask your fish monger to cut them off, but let me tell you fish eye balls are delicious and you're missing out!
Serves 4