I’m bad at being consistent

I always have good intentions. I have owned this domain (or various iterations of it) for almost 20 years and I can never manage to keep up with the follow-through.

It’s not just this, it’s in everything. I start lots of projects and never finish them, and it’s time to change that. 

I can’t promise that I will write every day, but I’m going to do my best to. I have an entire notebook with things that I should write about, but between working 50 hours a week, having a house to keep clean, having meals to make, and people to talk to…

I had a busy summer. We were busy at work, and when the weather is nice I like to be outside after being trapped inside all week at work. It was too hot to eat much more than salads, corn on the cob, and tomato sandwiches. The produce this summer was very good, we ate like kings. I am so grateful that I have access to amazing local foods at very reasonable prices at our local farmer’s market. I don’t know that we could eat the way we do without it. There were days when it was too hot to leave the house and there’s nothing wrong with that. We made it to the beach a few times, I puttered around in my beautiful back yard, we spent time with family, made new friends, and still managed to get lots of hot summer afternoon naps in. 

It’s fall now so the busy season at work is winding down. It’s time to make stews, braises, and roasts, and finally get to do some baking. It’s time to be cozy on the couch with my cats, a cup of coffee, and a good book. It’s time for spooky stories, foggy nights, and pumpkin everything. 

It’s time to tidy up my garden, pick the last of the tomatoes, hope that we get enough warm days for the last of my squash to ripen. It’s time to start planning for next year, to plant garlic and flower bulbs, and to rake leaves.

Most importantly it’s time to learn to be consistent, and make time for myself, because the most important person in my life should be me, not everyone else around me. 

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