Well this year’s garlic crop has been officially harvested. I had planted Duganski, Music, and “Marty’s Garlic”, but unfortunately I don’t remember which was what!

I am pretty happy with my yield this year. Although some are laughably small, the majority are the perfect size. I harvested 58 heads total, which isn’t nearly enough to keep us going all winter (that’s not even enough to get us through the rest of the summer!), but I am fortunate to have access to several local growers that I can purchase more from to last us until at least scrape season next year.

This is only my second year growing garlic at home, and it is a very easy and rewarding crop to grow.

Just after the first frost, sow individual cloves 4″ apart and 4″ deep. Mulch heavily with leaves. Then you just need to be patient until they start to sprout.

Once the scrapes start to form cut them off as they grow, leaving one to continue to grow.

When the scrape that you left stands up straight it’s ready for harvest! Allow the bulbs to cure in the sun for a few days, then move them to a cool dry spot inside. Stored properly it will keep until at least April next year.

This fall I plan to plant at least double the amount. I would like to have some to sell but at the very least I would like to not have to purchase any. I’m not sure what varieties I will be planting yet, and I would like to try growing a few soft neck varieties as well.

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